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Enter invoices in circulation

It is advisable, in some cases, to ask an employee with the required power of decision to review the correctness of incoming invoices. The Invoices in circulation functionality is used for this purpose..

If you use Invoices in circulation, the employee who enters the purchase invoice can assign a specific reviewer. Only this reviewer can release (approve) the invoice for payment. This unblocks this invoice, after which it can be included in a payment file.


This is part of the ‘Invoices in circulation’ functionality. First activate and configure this functionality.

To enter purchase invoices using the ‘Invoices in circulation’ functionality:

  1. Go to: Financial / Enter / Journal.
  2. Check Financial year and Period. These are the financial year and the period in which you post the entry.
  3. Select the correct purchase journal.
  4. Click on: Finish.

  5. Complete the entry line in the usual way.
  6. Select the Block check box on the entry line.

    If you cannot change this field, it has been set up as such in the entry layout. With this, for example, you can ensure that purchase invoices are always blocked.

  7. Select the reviewer.
  8. Check the data. 
  9. Click on: Finish.

The assigned reviewer can then review and release the purchase invoices for which he/she has been assigned as reviewer.

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