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Assemble an assembled item

We call an assembled item (that consists of articles) for which you hold stock at assembled item level, an Assembly. Assembled items can be assembled by you or purchased.



You track the stock of assembled items of the ‘Assembly' type. You can choose what you want to do with this assembly:

  • complete purchase
  • self assembly
  • take apart (disassembly)

If you purchase the assembled item of the Assembly type, only the stock of the assembled item is increased. The stock of the parts, that you perhaps also handle as separate articles, remains unchanged.

If you assemble the assembled item of the Assembly type yourself, you can add an assembly preparation manually. If a stock shortage occurs, you can also do this automatically using the assembly proposal.

The parts (articles) in the assembly preparation are reserved.

When assembly is complete and it is added, an entry in the stock is made for the assembled item and the stock of the parts written off. Stock entries are made for the entry of the assembled item at the transfer price of the assembled item and for the write-off of the parts used at their transfer price. Assembly is only possible if there is sufficient stock of the parts.

In Profit Subscriptions and in the course administration, you can only use assembled items for which no stock is tracked; you cannot make use of assembly or disassembly here.


Assembled items can also be disassembled. In this case the stock of the assembled item is reduced while stock entries are made for the parts. Stock entries are made for the stock reduction of the assembled item at the settlement price and for the parts entry at their settlement price. For disassembly, there must be sufficient stock of the assembled item.



  • View the Assembly analysis

    You can view an analysis that enables you to schedule the assemblies: Production analysis (Profit). You can also use the analysis to assess whether you want to purchase an assembled item or assemble the item yourself.

  • Purchase an assembled item of the Assembly type using an order proposal

    If you have assembled items in stock, but you do not assemble them yourself, you can use the order proposal to purchase the complete assembled item automatically.

  • Assembly preparation

    For the assembling, you first add an Production order as a kind of internal purchase order in which you record which assembled item is assembled and which parts are required.

  • View the stock for an assembly

    You can view stock levels for each part of an assembled item before you assemble it. You can use this, for instance, to see what assemblies you can make.

  • Add an assembly

    After you have created an Production order (the 'order'), you start manufacturing the assembly. Once that is done, you add the Production. With this, each line of the assembly preparation is - as it were - reported as ready. After each line, the stock is updated from 'On order' to 'In stock'.

  • View an order/cost estimated allocated to an assembly

    For the assembly, you can check to see which sales order or cost estimate it is allocated to.

  • Release an assembly

    If an assembly is blocked, you can release it.

  • Delete assemblies collectively

    You can delete assemblies collectively.

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