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Purchase price per article

You can use the Purchase price per article function to find the correct (valid) price and any discount for an article for a purchase contact. The level of a price and/or discount is also visible. You enter a number of settings in the header.

To view the purchase price per article:

  1. Go to: Order Management / Purchase / Price/Discount / Purchase price per article.

    Next you see the entry layout for the purchase price per article.

  2. Select the Item type for which you want to view the price/discount.
  3. Select the Code.
  4. If applicable, enter the article number that the customer uses for the article.
  5. Select the Currency in which you want to view the price/discount.
  6. If applicable, change the reference date
  7. If applicable, indicate that you want to display the Ladder for the article.
  8. Click on the action: F5. Select.

You see the valid price/discount (or multiple prices and discounts).

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