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You can keep track of the stock of articles and assembled items.



Profit automatically adjusts the stock based on the transactions in the purchase and sales processes.

These are stock entries resulting from goods receipts and packing slips. If you want, you can also journalise these entries in Profit Financieel.

Via Stock overview, you can display an overview of the stock on a specific date. This stock overview not only shows the quantities in stock, but also the value of the stock on the reference date you entered.

In some cases you may want to post manually stock entries outside of the purchase and sales order processes. You do this using stock entries, write-offs and transfers. Profit journalises the stock entries and write offs to Profit Financieel using the article settlement price. Profit does not journalise transfers of articles from one (warehouse) location to another (warehouse) location.

If you hold stock, it is necessary to conduct stocktaking periodically for articles in stock. When taking stock, you compare the stock in Profit with the actual stock. You then process any stock differences in Profit and Profit automatically journalises them to Profit Financieel. You cannot take stock of all articles. You can only do this for articles of which you track the stock and for which, in the linked article group, has been specified that stocktaking is allowed.


  • Configuration

    If you want to track stock, you first have to activate and configure this.


  • Stock terminology

    In Profit various terms are used in connection with the stock. These are stock concepts, stock calculations and stock settings. You will find an overview of these terms below.

  • Stock overview

    The stock overview gives you insight into the value of the quantities in stock based on a reference date you entered.

  • Article dimensions

    In Profit you can keep track of and view stock data at various levels. You can also add your own levels and Article dimensions.

  • Change stock manually

    It is possible to change the stock manually for corrections etc.

  • Move stock between warehouses

    If you have multiple warehouses, you can move stock from one warehouse to another.

  • Stock check

    You set the stock check in the order process per article. You can check the stock for the sales order, the packing slip or indicate that no stock check is to be performed.

  • 'CBS' declaration

    To be able to track the commerce trade between EU countries, the EU has devised the Intrastat system. For this, companies provide information about their dealings directly to the statistical services in the Member States, in the Netherlands this is done via the 'CBS' declaration.

  • Stocktaking

    If you keep track of stock it is necessary to do stocktaking regularly, for example, once a year. During stocktaking you check whether what Profit has registered as stock, actually corresponds to reality. If you use the Stocktaking function for this, Profit immediately processes any stock differences found.

  • Year-end transition logistics

    You logistics processes may be affected by the year-end transition. You must take the following into account for the year-end transition:

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