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Invoice subscriptions

Using Profit Subscriptions, you can easily automatically generate invoices for amounts that have to be invoiced periodically. Profit automatically suggests subscriptions which are eligible for invoicing on the basis of the cycle set.



In order to determine which subscriptions are eligible for invoicing Profit first looks at the lines of the subscription. This means that if at least one line of the subscription is eligible for invoicing, you see the subscription (in full) displayed in the wizard for invoicing.

Using pro forma invoicing you can generate and analyse pro forma invoices, so that it is always clear which subscriptions Profit is going to invoice.

You can send subscription invoices to sales contacts directly after generating them, either as an e-mail or in printed form.

Reference date

There are several possibilities for the timing of the invoicing: you invoice in advance for the (following) cycle, you invoice during the cycle or afterwards. You do this using the Reference date. In most cases you invoice in advance.

Sub_Abonnementen factureren

In the case of monthly invoicing and an invoice run on 15 January with a reference date of 15 February, you invoice the monthly amount for February in advance.

For the Reference date, Profit also takes into account the Number of days in advance that is entered in the subscription.

Profit always determines the invoicing period in days. This means the number of days starting from the date in Invoice from to the Start date invoice cycle or the end date in the line.


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