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Collectively delete subscription invoices

You can delete obsolete subscriptions collectively. This can only be done for invoices that have been completed.


This action cannot be undone. We recommend you authorise this action.

If you delete an invoice, you also delete the invoice number. Profit does not reuse the number. However, the tax authority requires that invoice numbers are continuous. Only gaps in the invoice numbering that can be explained, are allowed. You can view the deleted invoices via the Deleted and cancelled invoices (Profit) report.

To delete subscription invoices collectively:

  1. Go to: Subscriptions / Invoicing / Invoices.
  2. Click on the action:Delete collectively.
  3. Enter the reference date.

    All (completed) invoices with a date before the reference date are permanently deleted.

  4. Click on: Next.

    A view displaying all invoices you are about to delete appears. You can remove an invoice from the selection by deselecting the corresponding check box.

  5. Click on: Finish.

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