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Credit a subscription invoice

You can credit a subscription invoice manually:

You do this, for example, to credit an invoice for a subscription that has started one period too early. In this case, Profit creates a credit note from the existing invoice.

If you also want to use the Output wizard to e-mail the credit invoices, you must have allowed this in the settings.

To manually credit a subscription invoice:

  1. Go to: Subscriptions / Invoicing / Invoices.
  2. Select one or more invoices to be credited.
  3. Click on the action: Credit.

    You now see a message stating that the crediting of an invoice only concerns the financial settlement.

  4. Click on: Yes

    You now see the number of invoices that have been processed into credit invoices.

  5. Click on: OK

Sub_Crediteren van abonnementsfactuur (10)

In the view, you now see the credit invoice with a negative amount and the Active status.

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