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The configuration of Course management optimises the process, from registration to invoicing of the courses. You can be assured of a fast, integrated and efficient completion of all registrations by contacts that take one of your courses or seminars. Of course, you can also track which employees take internal courses.

In addition to specifying participants and course locations, you can also record other practical matters. For example, you can save itineraries in the dossier of the course, and you can record specific information about participants, such as assessments and certificates.

The power of Course management:

  • Create and maintain course locations
  • Record the planning
  • Send letters, invitations and certificates
  • Maintain presence lists
  • Automatically invoice participants in a course



Schematically, the course process is as follows:


  • Configure

    Before adding a course, you first have to configure a number of general settings and tables.


  • Add a course

    A course can be seen as an article you are selling.

  • Change a course

    You can adjust the data you have recorded for a course from the course properties.

  • Prior knowledge when adding a course

    For a course, you can specify that another course must first be taken in order to participate in this course.

  • Add an event

    A course (article) that has been scheduled for a specific date is called an Event.

  • Register participants

    After you have added events, you can register participants.

  • Keep an attendance register

    For every session of an event, you can track which participants have been present or absent. This can be important, for example when you hand out certificates.

  • Discount voucher

    A discount voucher is a voucher with a unique code which gives entitlement to a discount percentage when it is cashed in. The contact cashes in the voucher when enrolling for a course and can see straight away what discount they are given.

  • Course invoicing

    After configuring the course administration and registering participants, you can invoice the courses.

  • View occupancy overview

    You can use the occupancy overview to see budget and revenue related information related to the occupancy of the various events.

  • View occupancy per location

    You can view the occupancy per location.

  • View attendance percentage per course

    Per contact you can view the presence percentage of the course or courses taken.

  • Course in InSite

    Employees can enrol for events in InSite. Managers can also enrol their own employees in events in InSite.

  • Integrate courses with Profit Calendar

    Because of the integration between Course Management and the Profit Calendar, you see the course sessions in the calendars of teachers and participants (if they are Profit users).

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