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Change properties

You can only change data if you are authorised to do so. Some data can't be changed after it has been recorded or used.

Change properties:

  1. Go to: the function.
  2. Open a line by double-clicking on it.

    Profit displays the properties window. If fields have a grey background, you cannot change them.

  3. Apply your changes.
  4. Click on: OK.

    You do not need to click on OK after each change, only if you want to close this function.

    If the OK button is not available, then you have not completed a mandatory field. This mandatory data could be on a different tab from the current one. Check all the tabs, and pay special attention to the mandatory fields: these fields have a yellow background and an exclamation mark is visible in the field.

    Also remember to change the description of corresponding ledger accounts (depreciation and depreciation costs).

Browse records

If you want to change multiple lines, you do not need to keep closing the properties window. You can browse the data using the browse buttons in properties, or you can click directly on the desired line in the view.

To change properties of multiple data elements:

  1. Go to: the function.
  2. Open the properties of a line in the view.

    Profit displays the properties window.

  3. Use the browse buttons to retrieve the properties of the next or previous line.

    Profit opens the properties window of the next line. The buttons are only available if the view contains at least two lines.

    Double-click on a line in the view (which is still available in the background). Double-click on another line in the view (which is still available in the background).

  4. Change the data.
  5. Double-click on another line.

    Profit will now prompt you to save the changed data first.

  6. Click on: Yes.

    Profit shows the data of the last line you clicked on.

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Change properties

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