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Collectively delete allocation assignments

You can collectively delete allocation assignments. This functionality is mainly intended for clearing allocation assignments. You can use this functionality to delete allocation assignments you have recorded by mistake.


Even if entries have been posted, Profit deletes these assignments. You can create the assignments again. To prevent improper use, you can disable this functionality via the action authorisation.

To collectively delete allocation assignments:

  1. Go to: Financial / Allocation / Allocation assignment.

    Fin_Verbijzonderingstoewijzingen collectief verwijderen

    In the view, you see all allocation assignments from the current administration.

  2. Press: Ctrl+S if the column with the check boxes does not appear in the view.
  3. Click on:Current administration and select All administrations if you also want to display the allocation assignments from the other administrations to delete them collectively.

    By default, blocked allocation assignments are not shown in the view.

  4. Click on:Show/hide blocked lines (the red padlock) to also display (and perhaps delete) the blocked allocation assignments.
  5. Select the check boxes of the lines to be deleted.
  6. Click on the action: Delete collectively.
  7. Click on: Yes.

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