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Specify allocation settings

You set the number of allocation axes for each environment. If applicable, you can set a lower number for each administration.

Record allocation environment settings:

You specify the number of allocation axes and the descriptions of these axes for the whole environment.

  1. Go to: Financial / Management / Settings.
  2. Go to the tab: Allocate.
  3. Set the number of axes.
  4. Enter the descriptions of the axes.

    You cannot edit the descriptions by administration. Bear in mind that if you record five axes at the environment level and you set three axes in an administration, the top three axes will automatically be used.

  5. Click on: OK.
  6. Click on: Yes.

    De omgeving opent automatisch opnieuw, met de nieuwe instellingen.

You have now set the total maximum number of axes within an environment. For each administration, set which axes you will use there.

To record allocation administration settings:

For each administration, set the number of allocation axes.

  1. Go to: Financial / Management / Administration settings.
  2. Go to the tab: General entries.
  3. Enter the number of axes.
  4. Click on: OK.

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