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Automatic collection via the bank link (AFAS Online)

You can send digital collection orders automatically using a link between Internet banking and AFAS Online. This is also called bank integration or bank link. Preparing collection files yourself and uploading these in the Internet banking application is not necessary in that case. However, you still need to sign (or reject) the collection order in the Internet banking application. That is because the collection order is not immediately processed by the bank, but is ready in the Internet Banking application of the bank.

This topic is an extension of the description of Automatic collection. Only the differences with the standard procedure are explained.


This functionality is only available for AFAS Online users who bank online with the Rabobank. The ABN AMRO bank and ING offer this link only for bank statement files.

You can only send SEPA collection files in the base currency (Euros) in SEPA countries automatically using the bank integration.



The procedure that includes the bank link is similar to automatic collections without a bank link: when creating a new collection order, you select your bank account number for which the link with the Rabobank is activated.

The difference with the default procedure is in the processing of the collection order: when processing the collection order, you generate the collection file and the communication service automatically sends the collection file to the Rabobank as a message.

You can retrieve messages that are ready in the communication service via General / Communication service / Send and receive and process via General / Communication service / Process messages. You can start this process manually.

When you have sent the communication message, you receive a confirmation from the BIS (Bank Integration Service) stating that the message has been received and will be sent to the bank (with 'Bank Integratie Service - Incasso-opdracht' or 'Bank Integration Service - Collection order', 'Retourbericht' or 'Return message' as the message sub type). Sending the message to the bank can take some time (max 15 minutes). After that, the collection or payment file is visible on the Rabobank portal.

As soon as Rabobank receives the collection order, the bank will send you a status notification message to confirm the receipt. You receive this message in the communication service (with 'Bank Integratie Service - Retour bericht' or 'Bank Integration Service - Return message', 'AFAS Bank Integratie Service - Status - SEPA ontvangen' or 'AFAS Bank Integration Service - Status - SEPA received' as the message sub type).

After you have signed the collection order on the site of the bank, you receive a message from the communication service (with 'Bank Integratie Service - Retour bericht' or 'Bank Integration Service - Return message', 'AFAS Bank Integratie Service - Status - SEPA verwerkt' or 'AFAS Bank Integration Service - Status - SEPA processed' message sub type). If you do not sign but reject (delete) the collection order in the bank's internet banking application, you receive a message with the 'AFAS Bank Integratie Service - Status - SEPA afgekeurd' or 'AFAS Bank Integration Service - Status - SEPA rejected' message sub type.

You can check if the messages have been received and processed correctly via the communication service. You can also check the status on the 'Shipment' tab in the properties of the collection or payment order.


  • Bank account number

    To process (generate) the collection file, record the settings for direct processing in the bank account number properties of your bank account number, if you want the wizard to launch immediately after adding the collection order. This is instead of manually clicking the Process collection file action button. You must select the Directly process collection check box on the Collection tab.

  • Configure the bank link for internet banking (AFAS Online)

    For the desired bank account number(s), you activate the bank link between the bank and AFAS Online via the site of the bank. You also have to activate the link in your own Profit environment (once only). After you have activated the bank integration, you must authorise the Communication Service and set up the Communication Environment if you are going to exchange electronic data for the first time with Profit via the internet.



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