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Make automatic payments via a bank link (AFAS Online)

You can send your digital payment orders and refunds to your bank automatically using the link between internet banking and AFAS Online (bank integration). You do not prepare any payment files (SEPA files) yourself and you do not upload anything into the internet banking application. The bank does not process the payment order straight away, you first need to sign (or reject) the payment order.


This functionality is only available for AFAS Online users who bank online with the Rabobank. The ABN AMRO bank offers this link only for bank statement files.

You can only automatically send domestic payment files in Euros using bank integration. Payments in foreign currency are made using the BTL91 payment format. This payment format cannot be sent to Rabobank automatically, but needs to be imported manually. You can load the bank statements of Netherlands account numbers in other currency.


  • Bank account number

    You record the settings for direct processing in the properties of your own bank account number. This replaces the manual Process payment order action. You must select the Directly process payment order check box on the Domestic payment tab.  

    The process for refunding debtors uses the same settings on the Domestic payment tab as the automatic payments to creditors. On the Refund tab, you select the desired order letter and specification report.

  • Configure a bank link for internet banking (AFAS Online)

    For the desired bank account number, you activate the bank link between the bank and AFAS Online via the bank. You also need to activate the integration once only inside your own environment. You then authorise the Communication Service and set up the Communication Environment.



Automatic payments