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View an extended trial balance

The extended trial balance contains the opening balance and the debit and credit total for each account. The profit/loss and balance columns show the closing balance for each account (depending on the account type).

You can display the extended trial balance of Profit as a view or as a report.

If you have multiple administrations and you are using different period tables for these administrations (for example a period table of 4 weeks and a table of a month), the consolidated extended trial balance is based on the period table of the administration from which you view the extended trial balance.


Display the Extended trial balance view

You can display the extended trial balance via a view.

To display a view:

  1. Go to: Financial / Ledger / Overview / Extended trial balance.
  2. Select the financial year, the period and the timeframe.

    The extended trial balance is based on periods that fall in the selected period range. If you want to retrieve an overview of the entire financial year, select all periods of the financial year (first to last).

    In the extended trial balance, you compare a specific timeframe with another timeframe if you make a different selection in the timeframe fields than in the financial year fields.


    You want to compare January of the current financial year to the entire current financial year:

    Financial year: current financial year

    Financial year from period and Financial year up to incl. period: January to December, inclusive

    Time frame from period and Time frame through period: January to January, inclusive

  3. Set the display of level totals.
  4. Click on: Finish.

    Profit shows the Extended trial balance view:

    By default Profit displays data from the current (active) administration in the view. However, you can retrieve data from several administrations.

  5. Select Current administration or All administrations. If administration sets are also available, you can use them for selecting.


    • The Opening balance column contains the account balances at the beginning of the financial year.
    • You see the number of the level in the Niv. column.
    • The time frame columns pertain to the time frame you entered in the preceding window.
    • In addition, you also see columns with annual totals, previous year balance sheet balance and the balance difference between this year and the previous year.
    • In the trial balance or extended trial balance, you see the account number for the result. You will see the balance on this ledger account as the opening balance, which is actually the balance from the preceding financial year. At the very bottom of the trial balance or extended trial balance, you see the Total Result. This is the result for the current financial year. The final balance of the result is automatically used as the opening balance for the next financial year.

      You set the ledger account for the result in the administration settings. You change the profit and loss account by selecting Financial / Management / Administration settings, going to the Balance sheet tab, and changing the Account result field. Next, you must run the Financial recalculation option.

    You view or change entries using the Show all entries and Show entries per time frame actions.

  6. You can zoom in on a ledger account by double-clicking on a ledger account line. Profit then shows the underlying entries. In the properties window, navigation buttons are available that allow you to quickly and easily view the entries of the next and previous ledger accounts.

    Fin_Proefsaldibalans raadplegen (30)

    By zooming in on the overview, you can use the Open attachment action on the Entries tab to open the attachment to a journal entry.

    On the Entries of previous year tab in the properties, you can also view the entries for the previous year.

  7. Go to the tab: Entries of previous year to see the entries for the previous year.

    If this tab is not visible, you can authorise it using the tab authorisation.

View the Extended trial balance report

You can view the extended trial balance using a report.

Consult report:

  1. Go to:Financial / Output / Report.
  2. Open the report:
    • Extended Trial Balance (Profit)
    • Planned extended trial balance (Profit)
    • Allocated extended trial balance (Profit)

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