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Link a bank account number to an employer

Per employer, you link the bank account number the employer uses for paying the salaries.

You add a bank account number from an employer by selecting General / Configuration / Payment settings / Bank account. After adding the bank account number, you link it to the employer.

For a collective payment file, Profit uses the location specified in the properties of the processing group.


If you want to record a new bank account number for the employer, you first delete the existing bank account number. You then add the employer's new bank account number.

To link a bank account number to an employer:

  1. Go to: HR / Organisation / Employer.
  2. Open the employer’s properties.
  3. Go to the tab: Bank account.
  4. Click on: New.
  5. Select the account number.

    If Profit does not display an account number, the incorrect administration applies in the view.

    Pay_Bankrekening koppelen aan werkgever (10)

  6. Profit copies the file location and name from the account.

    You can change the file location and name per employer. If you use a separate payment file for this employer in which the payments are split by bank type, Profit uses the file location and file name that you record here per bank account number.

    If you are using AFAS Online, the file location starts with \\tsclient\.

  7. Specify the format of the payment file.

    You can suppress the listing of the name and city of the beneficiary in the payment file. This is sometimes the desired situation based on privacy concerns. Deselect the Display name/city for bank payments and Display name/city for giro payments check boxes.

  8. Click on: Finish.

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