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Specify the payment settings per agency

You can automate the payment to the tax authority and/or ‘APG’ agency in Profit. To this end, you generate a payment file for the tax authority.


You can also automate the payment for education deliveries. A separate description is available for this.

If you are using Profit Financieel, you can also use the automatic ’Loonheffingen’ payment functionality. If you do, Profit determines the amount to be paid and registers it as an outstanding item. Profit can then include the amount in an automatic payment order to the tax authority.

To configure an agency:

  1. Go to: HR / Organisation / Configuration / Agency.
  2. Open the properties of the agency.
  3. Go to the tab: Payments.

    If you do not see this tab, you are not authorised to use it.

  4. Open the properties of the line.
  5. Select a bank account.

    If you have not yet recorded a bank account for the agency, add a new bank account directly.

  6. Go to the tab: Default values.
  7. Enter the number of days. The payment date for the wage declaration is the specified number of days before the final payment of the declaration time frame.


    The final payment date of the declaration time frame for December is 31 December.

    You enter 4 as the number of days.

    The payment date for the wage declaration for December is thus: 27 December.

    The tax authority determines the final payment date per declaration time frame. You can view this date in the declaration cockpit.

  8. Click on: OK.
  9. Click on the action: Link employers.

    With this action you link the payment line to multiple employers simultaneously. You can also add the payment manually in the properties of the agency for the employer.

    1. Select the payment to the agency.
    2. Click on: Next.
    3. Select the employer(s).

      If you do not see any employers, you have not yet added the agency to an employer.

    4. Click on: Finish.
  10. Click on: OK.

    Profit then generates a payment file for the agency.

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