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International Payroll payments

Profit supports making international payments using the BTL-91 file. You use this format to make payments to countries outside of the SEPA area.

Do not set the BTL91 payment format in the properties of the bank account of the employer. Profit automatically generates a separate payment file in this format if you configure this at the employer level.


  • You cannot make automatic payments in the BTL91 payment format using AFAS Service agency.
  • You cannot make payments in the BTL91 payment format via Equens.
  • Profit does not perform any checks on the validity of the bank account numbers to which you make payments using the BTL91 payment format.
  • You only make payments in Euros.
  • Payments by cheque are not supported.

To configure international payments:

  1. Go to: HR / Organisation / Employer.
  2. Go to the tab: Payment.
  3. Select the Divided by bank check box.

    If you cannot select this check box, then delete the value in thePayment processing group field.

  4. Select the Allow international payments for employer check box.

    If you only make payments to countries in the SEPA area, then do not select this check box. If you make payments to countries both inside and outside the SEPA area, then do select this check box.

    The countries in the SEPA area are in the SEPA Participant country table in Profit.

  5. Enter the file name and location.
  6. Click on: OK.

You can now add foreign bank accounts to the employees.

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