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Set default blocking of quotations and orders

In the entry layout you can specify whether you want to block orders automatically after they have been added. You can configure this for the order and the quotation.

You may want to block orders and/or quotations, for example to check the creditworthiness of a sales contact before you continue to process the order and/or quotation.

You can create a separate entry layout that automatically blocks the orders so that, for example, you can check the orders and quotations added by a new employee. The person you have authorised to release orders can then check the orders added and can make any necessary changes before releasing the order.


You can set a block for an order and the quotation. In this description you can replace the word order by quotation.

The block can be removed by any user who is authorised for the Release button in the entry layout.

To set Profit to always block new quotations/orders automatically:

  1. Go to: General / Management / Entry layout.
  2. Open the entry layout properties for orders or quotations. You can also select a default entry layout supplied with Profit and click on the Copy action.
  3. Go to the tab: General settings.
  4. Select the Block orders check box to block orders automatically on completion of an order.
  5. Click on: OK.

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