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Add an order

The sales order is the order from the sales contact for the purchase for the articles it specifies. As soon as you have added a line with an article, the stock of this is reserved.

To add a sales order manually:

  1. Go to: Order Management / Sales process / Sales order.
  2. Click on: New
  3. Select the entry layout to be used.

    The window for entering/editing appears.

  4. Enter a value inOrder number if you do not use auto numbering.
  5. If applicable, add a new sales contact using the New sales contact action.
  6. Select the sales contact.

    The sales contact has the Debtor status and cannot be blocked. A number of debtor fields are entered directly into the order, including the VAT duty, Delivery address, Payment condition, Payment method, Currency and Collect

  7. If required, complete the other fields in the entry layout header.
  8. Add lines with the articles that you want to reserve. You can also add lines containing text or a different item type.
  9. Click on the action:Item properties if you want to view the properties of the item in the selected line.

    Only for the Bakeries licence: If a replacement article is entered in the EDI order line, this article is copied instead of the article that is associated with the EAN code of the article.

    In the footer, you see the order totals, among other things.

  10. Click on the action:Total line VAT if you want to view the VAT for the complete order. You then see the VAT amount per VAT code.
  11. Go to the tab:Delivery if you want to want to record the sales contact´s wishes with regard to the delivery date.
  12. If applicable, in Required delivery date enter the date that your sales contact would like to receive the order, if the sales contact has specified this.

    The order proposal also contains a Required delivery date field. In this field, Profit enters a value from one of the following fields for the sales order/cost estimate: Deviating delivery date (from the line), Allocated date of delivery or Required delivery date. If the first date does not exist, the second is used, etc.

    If the Date required field in the order proposal is completed, Profit compares the desired delivery date with the delivery time the supplier needs to receive the articles on time. Profit also uses this to fine-tune the ordering (not unnecessarily early, but still on time). This is particularly important in case of materials for projects.

    If you cannot find these fields in your entry layout, you must add them first.

  13. Go to Allocated date of delivery and enter the date that you have promised for delivery to your sales contact.
  14. Click on: Finish
  15. Depending on the settings in the entry layout, you may be asked further questions such as whether you want to print the order. Make a choice.

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