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Add a price agreement

During the addition of an order, you can add a new price agreement with the sales contact. (In the purchase process, it is also possible to add a price agreement with a purchase contact.)

If you add a new price agreement, the data from the sales contact (or purchase contact) and the selected item are already entered in the wizard used to add the price. The new price is recorded at the sales contact (purchase contact) level. The Create price agreement action only becomes active if you have added at least one order line.

You can find the price agreement later on in the contact’s overview and in the article properties.

To add a price agreement:

  1. Go to: Order Management / Sales process / Sales order.
  2. Click on: New
  3. Select the entry layout..
  4. Click on: OK
  5. Complete the fields in the entry layout header. 
  6. Add the line.
  7. Click on the action: Create price agreement.

    In the wizard, you see that several fields have already been completed.

  8. Click on: Next
  9. Enter the new price that you have agreed with your sales contact.
  10. Click on: Next
  11. If required, complete the fields for the Consumer price and/or the Return price.
  12. Complete the wizard.

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