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Import a sales order

You can import new sales orders.

You can use this import function, for example, to import a .csv file created in Excel into Profit Order management.
If you have Bakeries in your licence, then the import for sales orders deviates from the default import. Then you can also import entries.

Almost identical consecutive lines

If you are performing an import in the sales process (quotation, order, packing slip, etc.) and two consecutive lines are exactly the same except for one of the fields shown below, then a new order (or packing slip or purchase order) is added for the second line. This happens if one of the following (header) fields changes compared to the preceding line: desired delivery date, order reference, sales contact, order date, currency, exchange rate, VAT duty, inclusive of VAT, administration, credit order, order number. This also happens if one of the following fields changes and differs from the default: collections, credit restriction %, 'CBS’ type, invoice discount %, payment discount %.

To import a sales order (default):

  1. Go to:  Order Management / Management / Import verkoop / Sales order.
  2. Specify whether you want to create a new import definition or use an existing one.
  3. Click on:  Next
  4. Select the file that you want to import.
  5. Enter the import options.
  6. Click on:  Next.
  7. Select the fields to be imported and set them up.
    • If you want to import the deviating delivery address, you must use the Contact address number field in the import to indicate the address.
  8. Then continue using the import wizard.

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