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Configure a sales contact

When configuring sales contacts you set the numbering and you configure various master data.



Before you add sales contacts, you must set the numbering of the sales contacts. You can specify that the numbering of the sales contacts must be the same as the numbering of the organisations or persons on which the sales contacts are based. Then if necessary you can add sales contact profiles, in which you specify the order and invoice reports that are to be used. You can also use the default sales contact profile. If required you can then add transporters and sales representatives. You can then link these to a sales contact.


  • Set up auto-numbering

    You can set the numbering of the sales contacts using auto numbering. When adding a new sales contact, you then no longer need to enter the number of the sales contact/debtor manually as Profit automatically determine this.

  • Set up a sales contact profile

    Before adding sales contacts, you can record profiles. In a profile you specify a number of settings that apply to the sales contacts that are linked (or to be linked) to the profile.

  • Add a payment condition

    Each debtor or creditor has a payment condition you can link to the debtor or creditor's properties. The payment condition is used to calculate the expiration date of the invoices. You can deviate from the proposed expiry date per invoice.

  • Add a transporter

    You add transporters if you deliver items through one or more transporters.

  • Add a sales representative

    You add sales representatives if you want to link sales representatives to you sales contacts. If necessary you can calculate commission for the sales representatives.

  • Set preferred values for sales contacts

    You can enter preferred values for all the master data fields in Profit. For example, when adding a new sales contact you can have a default value entered for the relevant fields such as Payment method, Payment condition and Currency.

  • Set or view a credit limit for a sales contact/debtor

    You determine the credit limit amount per debtor. The credit limit is the maximum amount of outstanding items and packing slips/quotations/orders that the debtor is allowed.

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