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Configure packing slips using the barcode scanner

The configuration of the Packing slips for the barcode scanner consists of the activation of the functionality, the authorisation of the menu function and the authorisation of the various actions. You can also specify if you want to report the packing slip ready automatically once the entire packing slip has been scanned.


  • Authorise menu options and actions for packing slips using barcode scanners

    You have to authorise the Packing slip scanner menu item and the various actions for packing slips via the scanner for the users.

  • Set up the packing slip completion

    When all the packing slip lines have been picked you can create an invoice from the packing slip. Before you can convert a packing slip into an invoice, you must first report the packing slip as ready. Using a logistics setting you can specify that the packing slip is to be reported ready directly from the scanner.

  • Sequence number of warehouse locations

    To determine the sequence of the lines on the packing slip, the so-called picking sequence, you must specify a sequence number for the warehouse locations (the actual place where the goods are stored in the warehouse). The packing slip lines can then be sorted by this sequence number.

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