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Update the PCC automatically to the latest version

You can automatically update the PCC if a new version is available. If the PCC notifies you that a new version is available, you can download and install it.

A new version of the PCC is available after a new Build, Update or PCC patch has been installed. For AFAS Online this is done automatically, for a local installation this is done by the application administrator in your organisation.


For a local Profit installation, the Profit REST Services must be installed and accessible. This component is always installed by default.

As a user, you must be authorised to perform installations on your workstation.

The administrator can disable the automatic updates, for example because applications are always rolled out centrally.

To update the PCC automatically:

  1. Check for a newer version

    When the PCC is started, it automatically checks for a new version, for example, when you start your PC. If a new version is available, a Windows notification is displayed once.

    You can also check the availability of a new version in one of the following ways:

    • Start the PCC, the check is run automatically.
    • If the PCC has already been started, click on Check.
    • Right-click on the PCC icon and click on Check for Updates.

  2. Click on Update if a new version has been found.

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