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Process a down payment

A sales order with down payment may only be delivered once the down payment has been received. You process this down payment in Profit Financial, for instance, using bank statement processing. Once the down payment has been processed, the order is deliverable and the packing slip can be generated.

Before you can complete a down payment manually in Profit Financial, you first have to configure this.

To complete a down payment manually in Profit Financial:

  1. Sale with down payment.

Directly to

  1. Payments
  2. Configure charitable settings (donations)
  3. Enter a bank statement
  4. Payment of one invoice
  5. Payment of multiple invoices
  6. Partial payment and payment differences
  7. Process a down payment
  8. Reconcile the calculated interest on reminders
  9. Enter a cash payment
  10. Withdrawals and deposits and payments from bank to bank
  11. Cash book/bank entries with VAT on one line
  12. Enter an invoice paid in advance
  13. Reconcile an advance payment of an invoice
  14. Enter gifts


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