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Add a dossier item page in Profit InSite

In InSite, a site manager adds a page for the dossier item so that it is also visible in the menu.

To add a page for a dossier item from the menu:

  1. Open InSite.
  2. Log on as the site manager.
  3. Click on: Site management.
  4. Click on: Menu in the Site frame.
  5. Go to the location where you want to add the page and click on New.
  6. Enter the description.
  7. Select the actionRefer to existing page.
  8. Click on: Next.
  9. Select the page with the Create template for the dossier item type.


    For the creation of the Profit InSite Questiondossier item type, you use the Create Profit InSite question template.

  10. Click on: Add.

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