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Add a dossier item type for InSite

In the dossier you work with various dossier item types. If you add a dossier item type for InSite, Profit automatically adds a page type, templates and functionality.


You can use custom fields in a maximum of 40 dossier item types!

You add a dossier item type for InSite in the same way that you do other dossier item types. The only difference is that you select the Visible check box in the dossier item properties and complete the Plural description field.

To add a dossier item type:

  1. Go to: CRM / Dossier / Configuration / Dossier item type.
  2. Click on: New.
  3. Complete the fields.
  4. Click on: Next.
  5. Enter the description.
  6. Under Dossier, select the check boxes for the options you want to use for this dossier item type:
    1. Select the Number client record items check box if you want to number the dossier items.
    2. Enter the number that was last used in Last used number. Profit numbers the items starting with the next number. If you add a type, the number last used will probably be 0. The first dossier item of this type will then receive number 1.
    3. Select the Start date and/or End date check boxes if you want to specify these dates for the dossier item.
    4. Select the Cause check box if you want to select an item that was submitted earlier as the cause for the current item.
    5. Select the Action type check box if you want to complete an action on the organisation, the person or the employee, when adding the dossier item to the dossier. You can add the action types yourself.
    6. Select the Priority and/or Source check boxes if you want to be able to select these for the dossier item.
    7. Select the Resp. person check box if you want to link a responsible person (user) to the dossier item.

      This allows you to create an overview of all dossier items (list or analysis) of a responsible person. Open the Employee view if you want to select an employee who is not a user.

    8. If applicable, go to Resp. person and select the Sender preferred for person responsible and Person responsible is mandatory check boxes.

      These fields only apply to this dossier item type. (The Mandatory field setting cannot always be used here, because it would be set for ALL dossier item types, whereas you may only need it for the dossier item types for a workflow).

    9. For Report, select the report that you want to display if you click on the Print action in the workflow.

      For example, you can select a master card as the report. This allows you to, for example, view the properties of an organisation directly from the workflow.

      You can only select reports that are based on the Dossier item report type.

  7. Select the Comment check box if you want to enter an accompanying text (memo). This does not apply if you select Generate document at a later stage.
  8. Select the Link file check box if you want to link a file to the item, such as a scanned document, an image or a photograph in all kinds of file formats.
  9. Select the Generate document check box if you want to merge a document. You select the document layout when submitting the dossier item. The merged document is saved in the dossier. This also applies to e-mail.


    It is not possible to activate both Generate document and Link file. This means that you can only use one of the two options with a certain dossier item type.

    One of the requirements for being able to include a merged document in the dossier is that the Generate document check box is selected.

  10. Select the Open client record item attachment automatically check box if you want the associated attachment to be opened when the properties of a dossier item are opened. This can be edited directly by any user with edit rights.
  11. Select the Available for input forms check box if you want to link input forms to the dossier item type (only if you have OutSite).


    If you select this check box, destinations with the values Mandatory or One of these mandatory are not allowed.

  12. If necessary, you can set the following under Settlement:
    1. Select the Completed check box if you want to be able to indicate that a dossier item has been completed.
    2. Select the Date completed check box if you want to record the date of completion. You can only select this check box if you have specified that you want to have the dossier items completed.
    3. Go to Edit and select whether or not it should be allowed to edit a dossier item after it has been submitted. In this case you have the following options:

      W: Editing outside of the workflow is always possible
      A: Editing outside of the workflow if not yet completed
      N: Editing outside of the workflow not allowed

      To be able to change a dossier item that has been submitted in a workflow, the task must have been assigned to you as a user (see Workflow configuration). In this case, you can only change this dossier item in InSite. So this type of dossier items cannot be changed from Profit Windows. If a workflow dossier item is no longer in the workflow, the value of the Edit field will apply to the dossier item type.

  13. Click on: Next.
  14. Select the Use custom fields check box if you also want to use custom fields and tabs with dossier items of this type.

    If you want to add custom fields and tabs to a dossier item type, you must first select the dossier item type in a separate window of the creation wizard.

    It is also possible to add a dossier item for which you only use fields and tabs provided. In that case, do not select this check box.

  15. Click on: Finish.
  16. Open the properties of the dossier item type..
  17. Go to the tab: In & OutSite.
  18. Select the Visible in InSite check box.
  19. Complete the Plural description field.

    This description must be unique; if this is not the case, a message appears. If invalid characters, such as '(', are used n the description, a message appears showing the invalid character.

  20. Click on: OK.

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