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Submit a dossier item with a completed destination of Employee x

For an employee, you can submit a dossier item in which the employee has already been entered. This is only possible for the destination Employee.

You can submit the dossier item type in different ways and from different pages. For example, you can link the page as a related reference, but also as an action button or page. On the page, the ‘Employee' field is completed.


The InSite users can submit a general review. If a user creates a review, he must enter all data himself.

You can also create a Create Employee Review page. You link this page (for example, as a related reference) to a page. A user can then complete this review. As the destination, the logged on user is entered automatically and the other data can be completed by the user.

Employee destination entered when submitting a dossier item:

  1. Open Profit.
  2. Go to: CRM / Dossier / Configuration / Dossier item type.
  3. Open the properties of the dossier item..
  4. Go to the tab: In & OutSite.
  5. Select the Visible check box in the InSite frame.
  6. Enter the Plural description.
  7. Click on: OK.
  8. Open the properties of the dossier item type..
  9. Go to the tab: Destination.
  10. Select Employee as the destination.

    To activate this field you need to set the destination to Optional, Mandatory or One of these mandatory.

  11. Click on the action: InSite on/off.

    For InSite, extra pages are created within the template for creating the dossier item: Create Employee Review (ESS) Employee (ESS).

  12. Click on: OK.
  13. Go to: General / In & OutSite / Site.
  14. Open the properties of the site.
  15. Go to the tab: Page types.
  16. Activate the dossier item type in the site.
  17. Click on: OK.
  18. Log on and start Site management.
  19. Edit the page from which you want to submit the dossier item.
  20. For example, you can add the dossier item as a related reference or extra item in a banner.
  21. Click on: Publish.

    You repeat this procedure for each dossier item type you want to submit in InSite.

    When you submit the dossier item in InSite, the logged on user is entered in the Employee field.

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