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Create a dossier item type for a workflow in InSite and OutSite

The dossier item type forms the basis for the configuration of the workflow. You record the dossier items in the dossiers, distinguishing them according to type.

You can add dossier item types yourself or use the types supplied as defaults.

To create a dossier item type:

  1. Go to: CRM / Dossier / Configuration / Dossier item type.
  2. Click on: New.
  3. Enter the description.
  4. Select the Number client record items check box. Profit then assigns a new number to the dossier item automatically.
  5. Select the Resp. person check box so that you can link a responsible person (user) to the dossier item.

    This allows you to create an overview, in the form of a list or an analysis, of all dossier items belonging to a responsible person.

  6. Select the Comment check box if you want to record an accompanying text (memo) when submitting a dossier item.
  7. Select the Link file check box so that you can link a file such as a scanned document, an image or a photograph of various file formats when you submit a dossier item.
  8. Select the Open client record item attachment automatically check box. This causes the accompanying attachment to be opened when the dossier item is opened.
  9. Select the Completed check box so that you can indicate that the dossier item is completed.
  10. Select the Date completed check box so that you can record the date of completion.
  11. Select Not possible to edit outside of workflow in Edit so that the dossier item cannot be edited after submission.
  12. Click on: Next.
  13. Select the Use custom fields check box.

    You can use custom fields in a maximum of 40 dossier item types.

  14. Click on Yes in the message.
  15. Do not select the Mark client record item as confidential  check box. If you select this check box, you do not see the submitted dossier items of this type in the general views of dossier items. Furthermore, when opening the dossier items, Profit performs a check on the filter authorisation of the linked destinations.
  16. Click on: Finish.
  17. Open the properties of the dossier item..
  18. Go to the tab: Settings.
  19. Select the Use features check box.

    The features direct the workflow. By using a combination of features and dossier item type (feature group), you ensure that a dossier item ends up in the correct workflow. You add features in the next section.

  20. Do not select the Client record items without features allowed check box. The user is now obliged to select a feature.

    If dossier items without a feature are allowed then do not select this check box.

You can now configure the destination of the dossier item type.

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