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Add a page for a dossier item in InSite

If you want to submit a dossier item type in InSite, you add a page in InSite. If you make a dossier item type visible in InSite, Profit automatically adds a Page type, Templates and Functionality for InSite.

A site manager adds new pages to the site. The page becomes a menu item in InSite to make it easy for the user to open it.

To add a page in InSite:

  1. Log on and start Site management.
  2. Click on: Menu in the Site frame.

    Create the page at the place where you want to show it in the menu.

  3. Click on: New.
  4. Enter the description.

    This is the description of the menu you want to use to start the workflow.

  5. Select  Refer to existing page in Action.

    This enables you to select the page that has been added automatically.

  6. Click on: Next.
  7. Select the page.
  8. Click on: Add.
  9. Open the properties of the page. For this, click on the button Ins_Pagina toeveogen voor dossieritem in InSite after the page.
  10. Deselect the Show in menu check box.
  11. Click on: Modify.
  12. Close the menu.

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