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View an article in an assembled item

In the Compositions including parts view, you can filter on a specific article after which you only see the assembled items which include the article in question as a part.

To view the parts of an assembled item:

  1. Go to: Order Management / Item / Assembled item.
  2. Open the view: Compositions including parts.
  3. Open the properties of the assembled item from one of the parts of the assembled item.

    You now see the entry layout for the assembled item. In the header tabs you see the fixed data for the assembled item.

  4. Click on: Assembled item information.

    Next you see the properties of the assembled item including the stock entries and the stock overview.

  5. Go to the tab: Stock overview.
  6. Close the properties screen of the assembled item.
  7. Select a line.
  8. Click on: Item information element.
  9. Go to the tab: Entries.

    Item_Artikel in samenstelling raadplegen 2.png

Here, you see the entries for the parts of the assembled item of the Assembly type that are marked as Consumption.

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