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Replace a part of an assembled item

An assembled item is an article that consists of multiple parts. You can easily replace one part by another in all assembled items in which the part in question is used.


If you use this action to replace a part, the part is replaced by the new one in all assembled items in which the old part is used.

If you want to replace a part for one assembled item, you do so in the properties of the assembled item. There, you delete the line with the old part and add a line with the new part.

To replace a part of an assembled item:

  1. Go to: Order Management / Item / Assembled item.
  2. Click on the action: Replace part.

    If you have selected one or more assembled items, Profit shows a message notifying you that you cannot use multiselect for this action. That is because the part will be replaced in all assembled items in which it is used.

  3. Click on: OK.
  4. In Part type, select an item type, such as article, work type, etc.
  5. Select the part to be replaced and the new part.
  6. Click on: Finish.

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