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Add an 'explosion' assembled item

You can add an assembled item of the Explosion type for which the stock is not tracked. The parts are registered in the sales process.

You can also use the UpdateConnector to add assembled items.

To add an 'explosion' assembled item:

  1. Go to: Order Management / Item / Assembled item.
  2. Click on: New
  3. Enter an Item code and a Description.
  4. Select the Changeable description check box if, for example, you still want to be able to change the description when adding an order.
  5. Select the Article group the article belongs to. Per article group, you record how Profit should process purchases and sales in Profit Financieel.
  6. In Assembled item type, select Explosion.

    The Track stock check box is automatically deselected. Profit does not track stock for an assembled item of the type 'explosion'.

  7. Select the Basic unit. You record the order lines using this basic unit. You can later on deviate from the basic unit, if necessary.
  8. Select the Generate order lines check box so Profit adds lines for all articles that are part of an assembled item to an order. If you deselect his check box, only the header line, i.e. the line of the assembled item of the Explosion type, is shown in the order. If you create blanket orders for this type of assembled item, this check box must be selected.

    When you select the Generate order lines check box, you can no longer select a price determination yourself. In that case, Profit generates a fixed price determination. This generated price is greyed out and cannot be changed.

  9. Select the With header line check box to ensure that the assembled item of the Explosion type itself is shown as a line above the order lines with the articles.

    The options above are only relevant for assembled items of the Explosion type; they cannot be used for the Assembly and Product types.

  10. In Price determination, select how you want the prices of the explosion to be determined.
    1. For the Header price option, you use the price for the entire assembled item that you add using the Price composition action.
    2. Price calculated based on basic prices contains the price that is calculated using the sales prices from the parts as they appear in the articles' properties. How the sales prices of the underlying parts (articles) of the assembled item are calculated is not relevant. This could be a manually entered amount or it could be a calculated price (using fixed settlement price or purchase price, etc.).
    3. With Price calculated based on debtor, the price that is calculated from the prices specified in the parts per debtor/sales contact applies.
  11. Add the parts.
  12. Go to the tab: Extra.
  13. Select the purchase contact.
  14. Click on: Finish

To add a sales order using 'Generate order lines':

  1. Add a sales order.
  2. Complete the fields. the header.
  3. On the line, add the assembled item article of the Explosion type.
  4. Complete the line. 

    You now see a sub-window showing the lines of the assembled item.

  5. Click on: Finish.
  6. Complete the line. again.

    Item_Explosie-samenstelling toevoegen (10)

    If you have selected the Generate order lines check box in the assembled item properties, Profit now adds order lines for every article in the assembled item of the Explosion type. The assembled item itself appears in the order as a text line.

    If you have deselected the With header line check box, Profit then deletes the line for the assembled item itself from the order.

  7. If applicable, select a price list on the article lines. In the text line for the assembled item, you cannot select a price list.
  8. Complete the order. 

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