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Wage declaration and RAE across years

In case of a correction across years, Profit will reprocess every period of a closed wage year. Profit automatically generates a new declaration line for periods in which no open declaration line is present. If an outstanding declaration line is present, a new declaration line is not created.

For the periods that contain actual changes, a new wage declaration has to be submitted. If a period does not contain a correction, Profit deletes the new correction declaration during the check.

The wage declaration is generated in the message format of the year the declaration refers to.


Corrections across years are not reported in the Wage declaration report – Payment summary (Profit) report. For these corrections, the tax authority will impose a separate additional assessment or make a refund.

To check a wage declaration after a correction across years:

  1. Go to: HR / Payroll / Declaration cockpit.
  2. For period 1 of the closed year, select the declaration of the correction across years type that has the None status.

    You always first check the open declaration for a wage year.

  3. Click on the action: Check.

    If a period does not contain a correction, the declaration will disappear from the view.

    After the check, you can view the digital declaration.

  4. Click on the action: Prepare.
  5. Perform the previous three steps for the other periods of the closed year.

    In AFAS Online, wage declarations are sent automatically and the status is updated automatically.

  6. Click on the action: Send/receive.

    With this, you send and receive messages only for the 'BAPI' profile within the communication service. This action is available if you are authorised for General / Communication service / Send and receive.

    You can automate sending and receiving messages through the Profit Task scheduler. In a local installation you can also accomplish this using the Command Line Utility.

  7. Once the declaration has been sent, the status of the declaration changes to Sent.
  8. Check whether the declaration has been sent:

    General / Communication service / Communication message.

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