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Citrix Receiver Frequently Asked Questions

For the new signing on method, you ensure, as the system administrator, that your users install Citrix Receiver or that they have it installed for them. In addition, you must comply with the System requirements for the new signing on method.

AFAS assumes that the organisation ensures that AFAS Online access is allowed for those situations where your organisation applies technology or security measures that make this more complex. The system requirements are an important source of information within this context.

Benefit from the items to be addressed and tips specified below for system administrators that will assist in relation to the installation and management when working with, for example, a large number of installations, terminal servers, Citrix, RES Workspace, SSCM or Group Policy Objects.

Citrix Receiver/Workspace app installation

Which version of Citrix Receiver/Citrix Workspace App do I need?

What is the Citrix Workspace App? Can I also use the Citrix Workspace App?

User experience

Citrix When I open Profit, I get the following error message: 'This version of Citrix Receiver does not support selected encryption' or 'Error 1046: The Virtual Driver is not loaded'. Profit does start at the second attempt.

The Profit screen is fuzzy. How can I change the resolution?

When I open Profit, Citrix opens a black screen but Profit does not open

How can I suppress the Add Account window?

How can I suppress the message about the Game Bar when I start? Why do I receive “You need a new app to open the MS gaming overlay” meassage?

System management

What should I do if I sign on from a Windows Server terminal server?

Can I install Citrix Receiver through scripts/command line/SCCM?

Can I manage, install and/or update Citrix Receiver through Group Policy Objects?

What if I sign on from a Citrix terminal server? /I don’t see my own drive letters under ‘My PC’?

What if I sign on from a terminal server with RES Workspace?

Directly to

  1. Logging into AFAS Online
  2. Logging into AFAS Online for the first time using two-factor authentication.
  3. Signing on by means of two-factor authentication
  4. Switching the authentication method
  5. Forgotten my telephone in relation to two-factor authentication
  6. Using a web version instead of Citrix Receiver
  7. Change personal data/I have a new phone
  8. Signing on by means of Single sign-on
  9. Logging in through text messaging will stop as of 1-1-2022


Signing on

Work area