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View data

Profit displays your data in the form of views, which are lists formatted as columns. You can customize your views according to your preferences and sort, filter and print the data.

There are now some additional features at your disposal, such as making a call and e-mailing from Profit.

A view contains only the most important columns or fields. Use a view to find your data as quickly as possible, so you can view or change it. Customize a view according to your preferences, so you can work as efficiently as possible.



  • Add and organise views

    Profit is supplied with many views that are ready to be used straightaway. But you can also add your own views and make these available to your users. This way you can add views that contain the exact data (columns) that you need.


  • Display a view

    A view is a table with data, such as employees, debtors, invoice lines or organisations.

  • Customise the view layout

    You can change the layout of views to suit your personal preferences, so they best match your work method. You can move, hide, or adjust the width of columns or apply bold or colour.

  • Sort

    Profit displays the data in a view in a table format. A view allows you to sort by all columns.

  • Hotkeys

    Using hotkeys instead of the mouse lets you work more efficiently and faster. It also reduces your risk of getting RSI.

  • Properties window

    A properties window displays the properties of certain data, such as that of a debtor or an employee.

  • Directly e-mail, call and find a web address

    From various windows you can call the number displayed, e-mail the e-mail address displayed or open a web address in your browser.

  • E-mail from AFAS Online

    You send an e-mail message to, for example, an organisation or person, debtor, etc. AFAS Online uses the e-mail server which has been configured for this in Profit and not the one from the e-mail program. The e-mail message is not saved in Profit.

  • Save files (AFAS Online)

    You can save files from AFAS Online locally. For this you need to access your local drive in one of the following ways.


View data

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