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E-mail from AFAS Online

You send an e-mail message to, for example, an organisation or person, debtor, etc. AFAS Online uses the e-mail server which has been configured for this in Profit and not the one from the e-mail program. The e-mail message is not saved in Profit.

Send an e-mail:

  1. Find the email address in Profit in a view or properties window.
  2. Click on: .

    As the sender, Profit uses the name and e-mail address recorded in the administration settings. You cannot change these here.

  3. Enter the Addressee details.

    You can use a maximum of 255 characters in the address line.

    Because you are not using your own e-mail program, the message sent is not saved. Furthermore, your own address book is not available, but you can search in the e-mail addresses registered in Profit.

    If you record your own e-mail address in bcc then you will receive a copy of the e-mail message.

  4. Complete the remaining fields.
  5. Click on: Finish.

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