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Block/unblock ledger accounts

If no entries are allowed on certain ledger accounts, you can block them. You do this, for example, when you want to clear your ledger and you no longer want to post to certain accounts. You also block new ledger accounts that you intend to use in the future. When you want to start using the account, remove the check mark!

Any balances and entries on the blocked ledger account are retained and can be accessed.


The default is for blocked ledger accounts not to be shown in the Ledger accounts view. When you block a ledger account it disappears from the view. Click on Show blocked lines for these ledger accounts to once again be displayed.

To block/unblock a ledger account:

  1. Go to: Financial / Ledger / Ledger account.
  2. Press: Ctrl+S if the column with the check boxes does not appear in the view.
  3. Select the account(s) to be blocked/unblocked.
  4. Click on the action: Block accounts or Enable accounts.
  5. Confirm that the ledger accounts have been blocked.

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