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Authorise a payment order and bank account

To be able to use payment and refund orders, you have to authorise a number of menu options and actions.

Autorisatie inrichten:

  1. Go to: General / Management / Authorisation tool.
  2. Go to the tab: Group maintenance.
  3. Selecteer de te autoriseren groep.
  4.  Go to the tab: Menu.
  5. Select the check box for the menu options to be authorised:
    • General / Configuration /Payment settings / Bank account
    • Financial / Creditor / Payment order.
  6. Go to the tab: Authorisation.
  7. Go to: General / Configuration /Payment settings / Bank account / Tabs.
  8. Authorise the tab: Payment.
  9. Go to: Financial / Flow of payments / Tabs.
  10. Authorise the tabs:
    • General
    • Creditors 
    • Invoices
  11. Go to: Financial / Flow of payments / Actions.
  12. To authorise the actions:

    Fin_Betaalopdracht en bankrekening autoriseren (10)

  13. In the Flow of payments section, authorise the General, Creditors and Invoices tabs, as well as the Creditor payment - add invoice ,  Debtor refund - add invoiceDebtor collection - add invoiceand actions if you want to give the user or user group the option to add another invoice to a collection, payment or refund order after the order has been created (note: this is not allowed if the order has already been processed).

    In the collection, payment or refund order, the user in that case has access to the Invoices tab and the Pay all invoices, Do not pay any invoice and Add invoices actions on that tab. These actions are only visible for an order that has not been processed yet.

  14. Close the Authorisation tool.
  15. Click on Yes in the message.

    This environment automatically opens again with the new settings.

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