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Returnable packaging (packaging with a deposit)


In Profit Projecten, you also do not have the option to register the use of packagings.



You can add returnable packaging articles and link them to 'real' articles.

When adding order lines with 'real' articles, Profit automatically adds a line with the linked returnable packaging article. You can add additional returnable packaging lines manually or link multiple returnable packagings.

You can also record an order with returnable packagings at the returnable packaging level. You can also keep a returnable packaging administration so that you know where the packaging is. This last point is particularly important for expensive returnable packaging (such as big bags) where the supplier wants to know which customers have this type of packaging in their possession.

You can also charge the value of the returnable packaging and perhaps charge other forms of packaging to your customers.


There is a difference between Profit Projecten and Profit Order management in the use of packaging. If you create an invoice in Profit Order management with articles to which packaging articles (packaging, returnable packaging and/or disposal fee) are linked, these packaging articles are always included automatically. This is also the case for Profit Projecten invoices that you create using Profit Order management.

But if you invoice Profit Projecten using actual costing, the packaging articles are not included!


Packagings and returnable packaging

  • Bakeries first put their loaves of bread in bread bags (packaging) and then ship a quantity of loaves in a crate (returnable packaging).

    You can also use multiple packagings when shipping an article:

  • a cake is packaged in foil (packaging) and multiple cakes are packaged in a box (secondary packaging). These boxes are shipped in crates (returnable packaging) that are stacked on a pallet (returnable packaging).
  • Soft drinks are packaged in bottles (the bottle is now both packaging and returnable packaging), the bottles are then put into crates (returnable packaging) and these crates are stacked on a pallet (returnable packaging).



  • Enter returnable packaging in sales orders

    If you make an entry for an order line for an article that is linked to a packaging article of the type returnable packaging, the entry for the packaging article is also made automatically. You can view the entry for the packaging article using the Packaging button in the entry layout.

  • View the returnable packaging administration

    A returnable packaging administration tracks the returnable packaging that, in theory, should be found at a sales contact. In practice, this may not be so because the supplier cannot influence what the sales contact does with the returnable packaging. You can therefore use the returnable packaging administration as an indication, but it will never describe the actual situation.

  • Enter return packaging

    Return lines are packaging lines for which the Return field has the value Y. You can include the packaging articles in the sales process so that you can combine the sale of a regular article with that of the packaging article.

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Packagings and returnable packaging

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