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Configure sales

The configuration of Sales consists of the activation of the functionality, the configuration of the sales contacts and the configuration of the order process.


You begin by setting up the parts in the order process that refer to the packing slip and invoice.

The link to Profit Financieel is established in the default sales contact profile. You must check this.

You can number the parts in the sales process, such as the quotation, order, packing slip, etc. any way you like.  

Next you add any of your own entry layouts and reports that you want to use in the order process. You can base your own entry layouts and reports on the default entry layouts and reports that are supplied with Profit.

After this, you set the authorisation. Each menu function, each tab and each action can be authorised. You can also authorise the entry layouts.

Once the general configuration is ready, you can enter the settings for the various entry layouts. For each entry layout, you enter how the order number must be determined, whether you want to block orders based on a minimum or maximum amount, whether you want to check the credit limit, whether questions need to be asked about printing reports, etc.

After the entry layout and settings have been specified, you set up the stock check you want to use. You must do this per item. And finally you must specify per sales contact how you want Profit to deal with delivering (partial) orders.

The configuration of sales contacts consists of setting up the numbering of the sales contacts and the completing a number of tables.


  • Activate the Sales functionality

    Before you can use the sales order process, you have to first activate the functionality.

  • Authorise Sales functions

    You authorise the sales functions so that you can use them.

  • Configure the order process

    You specify the course for the order process.

  • Configure a basic sales order

    You can consider a basic order to be a template for an order that you can reuse on many occasions (sometimes with small changes). They speed up and simplify the addition of sales orders.

  • Set up numbering and counters

    You set the auto numbering for sales contacts and counters for order numbers.

  • Set up barcodes

    You can use different types of barcodes in Profit. The barcode type determines the auto numbering and the way of printing.

  • Configure SSCC labels

    You can use SSCC labels for packing slips. You configure this up by settung up the barcode type 'SSCC' in the field settings (mandatory, changeable, etc.) as well as setting the correct packaging as load bearer for the SSCC label in the article properties.

  • Configure a sales contact

    When configuring sales contacts you set the numbering and you configure various master data.

  • Set up a sales contact profile

    A sales contact profile contains settings applicable to all sales contacts/debtors linked to the profile. You can use this to manage various settings for sales contacts/debtors in a profile so you do not have to record these separately for each sales contact/debtor.

  • Entry layout settings

    You add your own entry layouts for the order process. In the order process entry layouts, you record a number of settings and checks for the order processing. For example, you specify whether the credit limit should be checked or that a minimum/maximum order amount is required, etc.

  • Configure a backorder

    You set the delivery of partial deliveries (backorders) per sales contact. You can specify whether partial deliveries are allowed, or that Profit must deliver the order lines in full or that Profit must deliver the entire order.You can change invoices in Profit, but you can only make changes that do not relate to stock processing in Profit Order management.

  • Configure a pending order

    Configuring pending orders consists of setting up the stock check and the allocation to pending orders at the article level. In addition, you adjust the entry layout.

  • Set up an article for allocation/order planning

    You can allocate purchase order lines automatically to a sales order. You set this up per article.

  • Configure prices/discounts

    To ensure that the use of prices and discounts happens correctly, you can specify a number of settings.

  • Authorise a quotation

    You can authorise a number of functions for quotations in Profit.

  • Authorise a counter/direct invoice

    You must authorise the actions for counter/direct invoices.

  • Configure extra functions for packing slips

  • Configure sales invoices

    You can change invoices in Profit, but you can only make changes that do not relate to stock processing in Profit Order management.

  • Reports

    A large number of default reports is supplied with Profit. These reports have the addition (Profit) in their name. You cannot change the default reports.

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